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Over 675 Entrepreneurs Supported
Across 15 Programs

300+ Startups Supported
with Capital Raising Efforts

Supported and helped rebuild five
Orlando-based Entrepreneurship Programs

Including CEO Nexus, AthenaPowerLink, Crummer Venture Plan and more

Supported and Mentoring 25+ Business Students and Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Scholar Program with the Crummer Graduate School of Business

Our Team

Meet the leaders behind the magic of our programs​

Ralph Lehnert

Ralph is a serial founder and research analytics professional specializing in artificial intelligence and consumer behavior. With strong expertise in data analytics, specifically leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to solve complex issues, he enjoys working on elaborate problems and devising strong, creative, and data-backed solutions to broadly relevant questions. He is a superconnector for any entrepreneurial resource imaginable – with a huge passion for economic development.

He is the CEO of Lehnert Ventures, Bytient Technologies, and a partner and advisor to multiple other startups. Over the years, he achieved multiple exits and gained many insights into the world of entrepreneurship and business. He also advises multiple startups, startup accelerators, and venture capital firms.

Marco Lehnert

Marco is a successful serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in growth hacking, specifically in the medical software industry. He has also been an investor in multiple hospitality ventures, renewable energy and has strong expertise in IT, finance, sales and marketing. With 30+ years of experience in any of these areas, he is a driving force in the systems and processes that help our partners, clients, team, and portfolio companies alike.

We consistently work with a team of 25+ Industry Experts, Investors, Mentors and Advisors from a variety of organizations
It is our pleasure to connect the right people with the right resources as much as we possibly can.

Our Partners Include

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Orlando, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida

Ulm, Germany

Lehnert Ventures is a venture studio and consulting firm focused on acquiring, building, scaling, and supporting firms in emerging technologies.

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